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EYES-ON our Telemed Solution

InfoDoc, with its expertise in the field, developed the innovative EYES-ON cloud-based Telemedicine platform. This cutting-edge product directly tackles the pressing demand for streamlined remote healthcare services. By optimizing the scheduling of remote care, it not only expedites the patient care journey but also smartly allocates valuable doctor hours.
EYES-ON stands as a pivotal advancement, seamlessly integrating technology and medical care for a more accessible and efficient healthcare experience. The brilliance of EYES-ON lies in its ability to bridge the gap between patients and doctors seamlessly. Through this cloud-based platform, patients can now receive expert medical advice from the comfort of their homes, erasing geographical barriers and reducing the strain on traditional healthcare systems.

Our motivation to create Eyes-On

Continuous Remote Patient Care

Our EYES-ON Remote Patient Care Platform (RPCP) helps early disease detection and continuos patient care

HIPAA compliant tool

128bits encryption on messages (as ruled by the HIPAA -Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-)

Compliments Your Existing Call Center

EYES-ON extends your Omni-Channel call center strategy for doctor-patient interaction

Why EYES-ON is your RPCP

EYES-ON is a powerful and independent solution. We are a valuable option to popular video software services. EYES-ON is a full web-based solution, we avoid apps congestion in your mobile

The design of the EYES-ON solution ensures we.

1. Authenticate users 

2. Authorize sessions.

3. Supply logs for Accountable session records

EYES-ON works with zero hardware or software requirements for patients and doctors, just a popular browser and you are ready.


«Mission Statement»

At the intersection of diverse expertise – business processes, cybersecurity, call center security, and software development – we are dedicated interdisciplinary professionals. Our passion lies in crafting and delivering top-tier services and products, driven by innovation. Our commitment to customers fuels business enhancement through superior solutions. EYES-ON,our flagship product, expedites healthcare appointments, embodying our shared mission to conquer challenges together.


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